The Torture Chair

There’s no escape here. The torture chair can be electronically tilted backwards even with a seated victim. Let your sub suffer, hook up the fuck machine and play with the other various tools and your defenseless victim.


Medical bench Gyn-Chair

The field hospital in the dungeon. From massages to anal examinations. Here you can lie down and sit in the right position for an intense treatment.

Fuck Machine

More endurance than the best fucker. cadence, penetration depth, angle and also dildo size are adjustable. Mobile on a wheeled frame, but also mountable ot the torture chair. Now the only question is the endurance of the passive party!


Electro | Clinic

The ET 312 is the classic and rolls-royce under hte e-stim gadgets for kinksters. Let the suspense and voltage rise, and better offer not too much resistance!

The Pulley

Fresh meat needs to hang to become good. A pulley helps the top not to break too much of a sweat when doing so.



You’re into forced workout? Here you not only can press some weights. A good drill instructor will elevate your performance in many areas.