The Cross

No dungeon without cross. We decided for a classic one, wherefrom you surely won’t be able to escape with it’s fastenings.


The Playground

Sometimes you need space. That is the reason our playground is 3.20 meters wide. It’s many installed eyelets and frame also make it ideal for bondage.

The Throne

Honor whom honor is due. From the high seat out you have a view over the entire blue room while letting yourself be worshipped.


The Sling

Are you ready to swing? The fun of a sling can’t miss in a dungeon!

The Punishment Bench

Bad subs deserve punishment. Besides the bench of course there are also many tools available to really bring the message across, whether hard or soft.


The Cage

For being put away on a space of 2 x 1 metres. This kind of space also allows for a relaxed sleep or for filling with several delinquents. It’s also perfect as a presentable bondage bed.

The Pillory

Our sepcial pillore does not leave any room for moving about once you’re in. Really brings out the vulnerable exposure feeling.


Bondage Corner

Whether being tied to the palett wall, being fixed to the beams or even suspended into the air from them … in this corner there are many enchaining dreams waiting to be realized for you.

Dungeon Cinema

Watch your favorite movies on a projected area of 3.20 to 1.80 metres laid back from the playground (or the cage).