Alright, let’s go right to the most asked question of our visitors: No, the Kinkster Headquarter is not a club or public bar, even though it may look like that for some and in it’s size can hold it’s ground with many of them. The KHQ is private dungeon and photo studio for our own fetish projects, which we offer for subleasing for selected and trustworthy people for their own “projects”.


The Kinkster Headquarters is a dungeon which spaces around 200m2 spread over various rooms which, through their light concept and their furnishing, all have very individual atmospheres and invite for living out many kink fantasies. In this size and equipment we are likely very unique in the surrounding area. Besides the play areas we of course also offer a relaxation area with our spaceous lounge. And naturally toilet and shower are there for personal selfcare too.


Discretion is important. We offer it to a high degree, and naturally expect the same from you in return. The dungeon is located in Zurich 11 and reachable per tram and bus from the city center and airport. You can also travel by car. An underground parking space is available. From the parking space there is a direct way into the dungeon.


If you rent the Kinkster Headquarters the various rooms are exlusively at your exclusive disposal. There won’t be any other kinksters there. The dungeon is underground, so that you and your play partners do not have to fear to be discovered by third parties.